2008 Acura RDX- Brake issues

I have to press the brakes harder to stop. The screen comes up and advises to “Check Brake System”. Then to select Voice and says to “Find Nearest Acura Dealer”

So are you going to have the brakes checked before or after the accident?


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Not sure if you are asking a question or not as I don’t see any question marks (?), so all any of us can do is guess at what your statement meant…

Me? I think if your vehicle is harder to stop AND your vehicle is TELLING you that you have an issue to look for the nearest Dealer (or repair shop) then you should have your brakes checked before you and or others are hurt due to your brakes failing to stop you, cause something will eventually STOP your vehicle for you if not the brakes…

Now if you are just bragging or just telling us that your vehicle is smart/advanced enough to tell you something that you should have already figured out when your brakes got harder to stop the vehicle, then cool, now go get your brakes working correctly again… lol

Suggest to follow the car’s advice, seek out pro help for this problem asap.

When you press on the brake pedal, the power brake booster responds by harnessing engine power to push even harder on the brake master cylinder, which, via the hydraulic system, squeezes the brake pads firmly against the disc on each wheel. So something is wrong somewhere in that path. You shop will have to test each step in the path. A few ideas

  • If there’s a “lean fuel mixture” diagnostic code in computer memory, the power brake booster’s diaphragm may be split and leaking. Especially likely if engine also idles poorly or stalls at stoplights.

  • If you hear weird metallic scraping noises when you push on the brake pedal, the brake pads may be completely worn out, needing immediate replacement.