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2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack - Want a full-sized spare

i want to swap out temporary spare for a full sized tire mounted on matching OE wheel and include it in the tire rotation routine. how to set the tpms sensors to monitor just the wheels on the road and ignore the spare until its called into service?

If your system monitors the spare and I doubt if it does just have a matching TPSM installed . Other wise just drive with the light on until you can have on put in the tire when you rotate. This really sounds like a unnecessary expense . I have had maybe 2 flat tires in the last 12 years. The cost of a matching wheel and tire will pay for a road side service for many years.

Have you even taken one of your tires off to see if it would actually fit where the donut tire is now? If not and you plan to just carry it loose in the back that is really dangerous in case of an accident.

I got a full sized spare for my Dodge from a junkyard online. Shipped to my house I think it was under $100, maybe around $80.

I just like the peace of mind of a spare tire. But do make sure the spare will fit in your wheel well in the trunk. Don’t just leave it sitting int he trunk unsecured.

Good luck.

This is unlikely to work. Most compact spares require different tire pressure than a full sized tire. The system is expecting to see a higher pressure in the spare. The TPMS light will be on constantly, indicating that the “spare” is under-inflated even though the new, full sized spare is at the correct pressure for that tire.

In mine, anyway, the TPMS cancels out the spare sensor when the spare is in its storage well. I discovered this when I had to use it for the first time last month. The pressure readout in the gauge cluster correctly noted the 60psi on that corner and did not notice the atmospheric pressure in the flat tire, which was in the well – and it actually threw an error because the spare was 25psi higher than the other three.

But that’s a direct system that looks at actual pressures. If I’m not mistaken, the Golf uses an indirect system, which means it won’t care what the tire pressure is, and will just check to make sure the wheel is rotating at the same rate as the others.

Go to know for the OP. My vehicles check the spare and will alert if it is low. I like that feature as I tend to ignore the spare as I haven’t had to use one in years.

From what I’m seeing this car doesn’t have a tire pressure sensor listed as a replacement part. It does have a wheel speed sensor listed however, so I expect the above comments are correct, the tire pressure function uses the wheel speed sensors. In that case, no worries, just mount the full size tire on the full size wheel, place in the trunk, done.

hey folks you were correct alltrack is not equipped with wheel mounted TMPS sensors (thankfully). Apparently the ABS already monitors wheel speeds and reports TPMS fault if tire diameter drops due to pressure loss. Clever reduction of complexity and parts.

Except indirect TPMS pre-dated direct systems. They were implemented that way first and then followed by the more expensive direct systems as a way to meet federal mandates on the accuracy of TPMS. Now, companies are finding ways to make the old indirect systems accurate enough that they are actually making a comeback. I keep my cars long enough that I would welcome the return to indirect. I don’t like spending money for replacements when batteries wear out or easily damaged sensors by hamfisted tire shops or the need to program tire position after rotations etc…