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TPMS and winter tires

In the winter, I want to put winter tires mounted on their own wheels on my 2008 Accord w tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). In researching this on Tire Rack, I find that to put TPMS sensors on the new wheels will cost $380. I monitor my own tire pressure and don’t care if the TPMS light is on. In reading the owner’s manual, it says that the vehicle stability assist (VSA) can not be turned off if the TPMS light is on. That seems to be the only issue with not having the TPMS sensors. I can imagine very few scenarios where this would be a problem. I don’t want to spend the extra money for the TPMS sensors. Am I missing anything here?

If I were in your position I’d do exactly as you suggest. Skip the extra $380 and live without the TPMS for the winter. I can’t imagine you’d want to turn off the Vehicle Stability Assist in the winter (or any other time), so this should not be a problem.

We’ll see who disagrees. I’m sure someone will.

Thanks for your input mc; I appreciate it. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

If you’re checking your tire pressures the good old fashioned way then you don’t need a baby sitter. Ignore the light and happy trails.

I put a spare set of rims on my 2008 VW GTI with the TPMS system. I didnt feel like spending $500 on the sensors. I went through the entire winter no problems, I check the tire pressure when I fill up and all has been well.

If these are the sensors that are built into the valve stem? I asked my Toyota dealer about this when I asked for the cost to add them to steel wheels — 100/sensor – then said to me if you don’t add them -then when the low pressure light is on it is to remind you that you have snow tires on.

You sure you can live without the VSA? The VSA system is there to help keep your butt from skidding off the road. While I would live without the TPMS, I would be unhappy to disable a useful safety system like the VSA.

I think you mis-read. He said that the VSA will still be on. Without the tire pressure sensors, he is unable to turn the VSA off.

Correct, tardis. Thanks to all. I’ll go w/out the TPMS in winter–no big deal. I don’t know why it’s needed at all anyway but couldn’t get the car w/out it.

TPMS is a federal requirement now, isn’t it?