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2015 Subaru Legacy - Wheel bearing cost

Have to replace rear wheel bearing, in 2015 Legacy. Wondering what the average cost is for this.

200.00 to 500.00 or that could be completely wrong . Where you are and what shop does it will make a big difference . Also the shop will want to verify that a bearing is all you need. So pickup you phone after you do web search for your nearest shops . Also see if you have friends or relatives that have a place they use for dependable service.

Enter your info here, and you’ll get some idea of the cost for the service,


Seem to be many Subarus needing new rear wheel bearings - not an uncommon repair.

I had 3 front wheel bearing replacements in my Chevy in 197k miles, 3 or 400 depending on if I was in MN or WI, stuff happens.