To costly?

I just paid $300 to replace a rear wheel bearing. Did I get hosed?

I think so.

Tell Us The Vehicle’s Make, Model, And Model Year, Please.


Depending on the kind of vehicle but if that included the $100-150 for the bearing, that’s only a couple hours labor, or a Saturday morning if you do it yourself.

It’s impossible to tell without knowing the vehicle…and the location…and whether you used a shop or the dealer. A '95 Corolla rear bearing price in a private garage in Vermont will typically be a small fraction of that of an F350 Superduty (which would corectly be called the axle bearing) being done at a dealer in Boston.

I don’t know how new it is, but to post questions the poster now enters in the make and model in pull-down menus, they show up in the ‘tags’ area, so we’re dealing with an Accord.

Thanks Texases. I never noticed.

Now knowing that, the biggest variable is locale. I’d be surprized if you could get it done cheaper in Boston.