Did the auto care center mess up ?

Hi , I changed a flat tire a few days ago in
one of the most known auto care center. No
problem at this point but the day after while
driving my dashboard displays my TPMS
needs service and the tire changed the day
before display – instead of real pressure
number. That’s the first time since I got the
car couple years ago. My question is : Could
the mecanician messed up the sensor while
changing the tire ?

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Sounds like they did not reset your TPMS sensor would be my guess. Assuming you checked and all four tires (plus spare if you have one) are properly inflated. Another issue could be the new single tire is rotating at a different rate than the other three. That would set off some ABS-based TPMS systems. I’d go back to the place that serviced the tire. Tell us what you drive and maybe we can help more. Also, tell us if your car has metal (silver) or black valve stems. That tells us what type of TPMS system you have.

Have you contacted the place that repaired the tire ? That seems like it would be the first step . Since you did not give any info about this vehicle it could be that the tire pressure sensors might be at the end of their battery life .

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I went there. He said that tpms may need service anytime but I doubt given the timeframe. I drive a Dodge dart 2014 edition limited. The valve stem is black but one of my other tires wears a silver one. The color was not an issue in the past. When the tire has been changed the tpms was fine , it worked for one full day. But the day after while driving, something appears as service needed and I only see underscore instead of number.

OK. I think you may want to visit a Dodge dealer or a trusted local mechanic. You have mismatched TPMS sensors on that vehicle if the valve stems are not all the same. The valve stem is connected

to the TPMS sensor. If the one on the tire/rim that was serviced does not match the other three, your mystery is solved. The shop replaced it with the wrong type, didn’t program it, or didn’t use it. It may be possible to have mismatched aftermarket and OEM sensors on a car and still have the TPMS system work, but I don’t think it is likely. Am I making sense?

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The tire pressure sensor may have broke when the tire went flat and was replaced with a rubber valve stem, are there any notes on your invoice? A new tire pressure sensor will need to be installed and registered to the receiver.


Yeah, the last tire pressure sensor I had replaced was about $80. Shortly after I had the tires replaced. You got either a bad sensor, incompatible sensor, etc. Maybe need a non-discount tire shop.

It was Firestone though ! The sensor was working before and even after the tire has been replaced. The issue showed up one day AFTER the tire replacement so does it mean that the mechanician can’t held responsible ? The valve stem was already different but worked. Same for another tire. I have the brand and serie number of the tire replaced, where can I see if it fits my TPMS and car model ?

With some systems it can take up to 20 minutes of driving before a fault is set for a missing signal because of a broken or missing sensor.

If that wheel has a rubber valve stem then the sensor is not there. Check to see if the valve stem is a flexible rubber stem.

Yes it is. A rubber valve stem but I already changed tire with different valve from the original and it was working. I drove one full day and restarting the car several times , that means several hours and more than 100 miles before the issue showed up. Can I check if he set a wrong tire ?and therefore have an argument to exige a replacement?

The tire has nothing at all to do with the tire pressure sensor .

Did I ever tell the story about taking the kid’s car to Firestone when we were at Disney? Oh yeah I guess I did. Pick a new place.

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Right but if I can prove the mechanician did wrong I can ask to fix it. Without knowing the subject I have no chance. Don’t really want to pay a new sensor $150

In fact it matches the other three. I rechecked and I had just mixed up the cap and valve stem. What could be the reason then ?

The tire pressure sensor could be damaged, did you drive on a flat tire? Examine the sensor.

Yes a few miles slowly. But the tpms was working still working at this time and for all the day following the tire replacement. Can I see the consequence of the damage one day after really ?

If I am interpreting your post correctly, it appears that you have great confidence in Firestone service centers. I do not share your confidence, nor do many of the other veterans of this forum.

Not true.

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Yes, I looked it up later, the Dart uses the red sensors with the rubber valve, the picture in post #5 is of the wrong type sensor…

Rare, but shops can mess up. I went to a local shop that was very highly rated by AAA, and the community. When I go there for an annual car inspection, including tire rotation, my car was hosed when he finished. A windshield wiper flew off when I needed them, a TPMS sensor instantly died, after 5 minutes of driving, lug nuts not properly replaced, air filter cover not secured. I was not kind when I returned to the shop. Their excuse, old age of the car; no way bud, your mechanic screwed up to the hilt.

I have future work performed in a shop that is not highly-rated, but they do the work as needed, and they’re honest. No more AAA for me either. My car insurance includes roadside assistance, as does one of my credit cards.