2017 Nissan Titan - Dealer says "Maybe $1,000"

AC display part goes dim after driving a short distance. If you look hard you can still see it. 50,000 miles. Dealer says may need new Module $1,000.

Haven’t a clue. What are you asking?

So fix it for a thou, or not… your choice.


It’s pretty standard now that there are little leds in the modules that burn out. If it still works it is just the bulbs. For a person skilled in electronics, there might be a 10% chance to open it up and replace the leds. Otherwise look for a used one from a junk yard, or pay the new cost, or live with it.

I’ve got one switch with the light out now for about three years. I found a used one but neglected to order it and have since ignored it.

Sounds like the display in the HVAC module is failing. Your car probably is out of basic warranty due to age, and since this issue is neither safety related or a drivetrain/emissions concern, you will have to pay for the repair.

$500-$600 for a module and a couple of hours to replace it, sounds about right.

Is this what you’re talking about? Like @asemaster said, $500-$600 for the part new, I also see used ones for about $100 on ebay. If you’re handy, I might try an ebay unit and replace it myself, assuming I could find a good youtube to walk me through. Otherwise the dealer cost sounds about right.

One idea, use a bright flashlight (& possibly a mirror) to look under the dash in that area. See any loose or problematic electrical connectors? Does wiggling any of them affect the button-display brightness? Also while looking in that area, look for a black (probably) wire screwed/bolted to some metal part of the car. That’s likely a ground wire. Is it making a good connection? I had brake lights dim b/c of a loose ground wire connection in the tail-light area one time on my Corolla.