2010 Nissan Titan - AC Quit

AC not working. Auto tech said it was the blend door motor on driver’s side. Most of them have to be replaced. Should be a recall. Have to remove dash.

Recall on a 12 year old vehicle for a blend door problem , get serious . Recalls are not for this kind of problem .


Is the problem the door or the actuator motor? The only paperwork I’m seeing is a reference to a service campaign for the front actuator motor, but that campaign appears to have expired. You might find more by Googling NTB11-040.

I’m seeing a reference to 4 separate HVAC doors, air mix, defroster, intake, and mode. I’m presuming the one you are interested in is the driver’s side air mix. Looks to be about 5 hours labor to replace for any of those doors.

12 year old trucks may need repairs. Repairs can be expensive and are on the owner.

Consumers like a clean looking interior with no fasteners showing. That makes removing things for repair more expensive.

For years , Chrysler Corporation was criticized for having exposed fasteners on the interior of their cars, that never bothered me, but I am in the minority.