Faded time and temp LED displays


My husband and I have a 1997 BMW 318i. Last year, after having the air conditioner replaced, we noticed that the outside temperature LED (just below the air conditioner control panel) started fading until we could only see it from a certain angle and in certain light. We could live with that, as the only time one really needs to know the outside temp is at freezing when the snow on the road can turn to ice. We solved that by spending our winters in Florida! BUT, now the clock LED has also faded.

My question is, is this just a matter of replacing some light bulbs, or will the repair cost the same as if I were to just buy myself a gold watch with diamonds?

Do you mean LCD? Sometimes these displays have a backlight that can fail, some are serviceable some aren’t. On your specific vehicle I don’t know. I would ask your mechanic, chances are he/she will know. If the backlight is indeed the issue and it’s a replaceable part, you’ll have to pony up some money to replace the AC dash module.