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2017 Nissan Rogue - Car Dies on Highway

A few months after purchasing the car from new, while driving on the highway the car died. I couldnt brake or steer for a bit and then it came back on. I pulled over restarted and it was ok. Since then it has been intermittently rough idling, sometimes after driving in reverse upon start, and a few times stalled out shortly after. Brought it 3x now to Legend Nissan Service in Syosset NY and they ran the computer codes. Nothing came up. Did not do a thorough inspection, just basic. Was told since they cant duplicate the problem they can’t fix it. A new car should not be stalling and almost killing me on the highway. Unacceptable.

Find another dealer, take it there, explain your problem in detail. They will have access to you records from Legend so they know what Legend did or didn’t do. Insist the car be fixed, insist they drive it to find the problem - they may ask you to drive while they look at the computer and go from there. You paid good money for the car, you deserve to have it fixed properly. Research the lemon laws in your state, they may have to buy it back if they can’t fix it.