Car dies while driving

Just bought a 2013 Subaru legacy sport. Within a week the car stopped 5 times while I was driving. There were no dash lights and all gauges were on zero. Had to restart the car each time. I Had it towed back to the dealership. They had the car 4 days and said they drove it 25 miles highway and stop and go. They said the car never just stopped while they were driving and they are giving it back to me tomorrow. I am afraid to drive this car. I will be driving highway to get home.
Has there been any other complaints like this? Help!!!


You shouldn’t have accepted the car if they didn’t do anything

There is clearly something wrong

The car is under warranty

The dealer is obligated to identify and repair the problem

They haven’t even identified the problem, so you should be driving a rental, at their expense, until they identify and fix the problem

New cars have become so complex, what with all the gadgets they have, this type of problem is probably more common than we think. But I don’t think the way it is being handled by the dealer is very common. At least I hope it isn’t.

I agree w/ @db4690 , the proper thing for the dealership to do is give you a lender car – or pay for you to rent a car – while they let one of their tech drive it home every day. Eventually it will fail, then they can figure out what is wrong. In the meantime you’ll at least have a reliable driver to go about your business.

It may be as simple as a bad ignition switch. But as db4690 says, this is a dangerous condition that the dealer is obligated to fix. Do as he says.

Yup, another vote towards them giving you a rental. That’s a new car, for crying out loud. It certainly sounds like something related to the ignition key but they should be able to determine that.
Does your state have a lemon law?
If you don’t get them to give you a loaner, contact Subaru Of America. Kick the noise up a bit.

Thank you for your comment. They delivered my car to me today. Service drove it for 25 miles and nothing. They said if the issue isn’t duplicated while their driving and nothing shows up on the computer, there’s nothing more they can do. I drove it about 15 minutes today and nothing happened. Maybe tomorrow I will get enough courage to drive it further and longer.