2011 Rogue lurching on highway

Hello - I have a 2011 Nissan Rogue that has lurched (or misfired?) about a handful of times. It only does it at highway speeds shortly after I’ve merged onto the highway, usually around 50-60mph. There is a loud thunk and it feels, for about a split second, that the car has stalled out. No warning lights come on, RPMs don’t rev, and car resumes driving just fine after and hasn’t yet repeated it on the same drive. It is very cold where we are, but the highway is at least 5-10mins from my house, so car usually has warmed up by the time we’ve gotten there. I’ve taken it in twice now to be looked at and neither times has it done this on their test drive. The shop yesterday didn’t see any diagnostic codes either, so they didn’t even know where to begin looking at possible issues…only suggestion was that I bring it in again after it happens again…I know next to nothing about cars, but it surprises me that they won’t even check various possible issues to see if anything is out of whack, loose, etc…Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

The last time my HHR did this…it was a bad tank of gas. Nothing showed up on diagnostics but a little detective work showed that this particular gas station was getting rain water in it’s storage tanks. I crossed that station off my list.

Interesting - but it’s happened about six times over the course of about six weeks and definitely sure I’ve gassed up - at different stations - in that time.

It looks like you have an option to turn overdrive off. Try that and see if the problem goes away.

"When the O/D OFF switch is pushed with the selector lever in the D (Drive) position, the indicator light in the instrument panel illuminates. indicator light in the instrument panel illuminates.

Use the overdrive off mode when you need improved engine braking.

To turn off the overdrive off mode, push the O/D OFF switch again. The light will indicator light will turn off.

Each time the engine is started, or when the selector lever is shifted to any position other than the D (Drive) position, the overdrive off mode will be automatically turned off."

Stolen from http://www.c-suvs.com/overdrive_o_d_off_switch-4271.html