2017 Nissan Pathfinder - Multiple issues

I’m seeing some of the same issues deal with my back up camera, which they supposedly replaced about 6 months ago AND, the issue with the noise coming from the AC unit, when turned on, with my 2017 Pathfinder S.
Heard there was a recall on the new back up cameras, and questioned if the new one that was put in was more than likely part of the recall. Service department said they could not find any faults in new one, so no changes. The AC started making noise after I left dealership, three days ago. Called an left voice mail for service manager and have yet to get a call back. Doesn’t sound like anyone is having help from the Nissan Corp, either. So what are we supposed to do, besides pay the price, or look for legal assistance?

If it is no longer under warranty or if they haven’t fixed it under warranty… yes, you may need a lawyer. Investgate your state’s lemon laws, talk to your lawyer, and insist the car be fixed if under warranty.

Then sell the car and don’t buy another Nissan.

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You already know the answer; get a lawyer.