2013 Nissan Quest

The ac went out on our car. We paid over $800 to get it fixed but the cold air was not as cold as we thought it should be and we took it back to be checked. The repair shop said that our Quest had a dual air conditioner and he was not experience in repairing this type ac, but he said if we continued to run it without getting it completed that we could burn up the brand new compressor that he put in.
What is this about? is what he says true and why would a repairshop take on something they could not finish. Do we have a recourse?

I would guess that your van has a rear air conditioner, in addition to the front vents?

If so… I was under the impression that the rear flow just came from the front of the van, if that makes any sense. In other words, I don’t think there is a “separate” unit for the rear A/C.

Sounds like you might need a new mechanic.

Here’s what I would do- yes, operating the system with improper pressures etc could harm the compressor. Take it to a more competent shop and explain the situation. Let them propose course of action which should be diagnosis, followed by repair estimate and then if it makes sense, repair. If something the prior shop did caused you to spend more than it would have cost to have it repaired properly the first time, then you likely have a case to seek restitution. Beyond that is a learning experience for you and maybe letting everyone who will listen hear about your negative experience with them will be cathartic.

You have to understand that so many things change so fast…in the automotive industry and this carries over to the repair side of the business also.
There are so many makes, models,and sub models, and engine type, on top of every car maker having their own spin on how to combine all the features into their vehicles.
These features that are added to the design of your Quest can be changed by the manufacturer next year and even sometimes mid year changes are made.

Then you have to take into consideration that this mechanic may have finished his schooling 5 years ago and has not had the opportunity to attend some type of refresher course.
Most professional mechanic’s, try their best to stay on top of the newest trends in the industry, but if they took the time to attend some type of formal schooling for each system… to keep current…they would never be in the shop to fix your car…they would be at another class.
The mechanic has to weigh carefully what new systems he/she has to keep current on and which are just fads that in a few years may prove to be obsolete.

As far as Your Dual AC goes, I don’t even do AC at my shop. I leave it for the pro’s, and I have a shop that I recommend that is very good and the clients that I send there get a good deal and great service.

I just wanted to take a moment to defend the repair shop, and maybe now that he has run into this type system…he may seek out a refresher course…if one is available in his area.

“Do you have a recourse”, Maybe, but if he has done great work in the past for you…why not just take the car elsewhere, have it fixed and then decide if it’s worth asking for any refund. After all he did replace the faulty Compressor and recharged the system.

You don’t even know…it may only be a simple thing to get the system to cool at 100% . Then maybe go back and ask for a little money back.
But without you knowing what the cost to finish the repair will be…you are kind of jumping the gun.

At least he admitted that he was unsure about this type of system. He could have said “that’s all the better it can get”, and send you on your way. He also could have NOT warned you that continuing to run the system the way it is could do major damage.

Give him a little credit for admitting that he was unfamiliar with this and warned to seek out someone more knowledgeable.


An experienced AC specialist might be able to spot the problem get it working correctly for not much money. Suggest to try that first. Ask your friends, co-workers, even you own mechanic who is the best AC specialist in your area. This isn’t necessarily a disaster. Yet. Don’t allow anyone who’s not an AC specialist to work on it though, otherwise it may become a disaster.

Agree! Thanks.