Rumbling with AC on

HI. I have a 2008 Nissian Pathfinder and whenever the AC is on, the car is in drive and I have to come to a stop the entire car lets out a rumble and shakes for about 3 seconds. This continues about every minute for entire time.

I brought my car into the dealership about 6 months ago and they dismissed it saying nothing was wrong. Now my car has now been at the dealership for three days and they still can’t find the problem. They are being very helpful, however I want the problem fixed. I pay to drive a nice car, yet it sounds like a piece…PLEASE HELP!!!


You have a big guy on your side. (Are you in the US?)

Check out these references to Lemon laws.  Make sure you get and keep records of every time you bring the car in to have them try and correct the problem.

 Since they have had it for three days, I am guessing they are no longer saying it is OK.  Is that correct?

Please look at it from my side,you have a manfactures warranty to turn to. I prefer to help those that are out of warranty status. I am sure the Dealer has competent machanics that have “hands on” the vehicle and don’t need my half baked advice.

Giving legal advice is also a area I stay out of.

If your problem involves warranty denial I may be able to offer something of value.

Thanks for your help.
I am dealing with the assistant manager and he “hears” the problem and assures me that he knows somethings is wrong, and has been very honest by saying that they just can’t figure it out. They are currently waiting on a return call from the manufacture to see if any other 08 Pathfinders have had this problem.

OOPS, yes I am in the US…why?

How does the idle speed behave during these rumblings?

I think it’s either the idle air control valve is sluggish or the A/C system isn’t charged with refrigerant properly, or less likely the A/C compressor is bad.

My boyfriend thought the same thing about the Idle air control valve and called them today so that they could check it, and they said I don’t have one of those…whatever that means. Thanks for those suggestions!

My text specificaly states Nissans ECCS (a sequencial fire system) uses a ICV (idle control valve). Unless something new for 2008 we have a communication problem. Really the Dealer (and a lot of mechanics) don’t want,appreciate,need or respect information brought by the customer.

If you were exposed to some of the “head shaking” things that the public has done to and expects from their cars you would understand why mechanics routinely dismiss diagnosis brought by the customer.

It’s possible the Nissan has throttle-by-wire.

In that case the throttle plate is controlled by a motor, which also sets the idle speed.

The easy way to check is for one of you to sit in the car and pump the gas pedal with the engine off while the other looks and listens under the hood for anything moving. If noting moves you have throttle-by-wire.

So again I ask: how is the idle speed when it’s rumbling?