2007 Nissan Quest A/C Noise

About 75% of the time turning on the A/C, sounds like someone is kicking a metal garbage can. Once I drove a block down the street and turned on the A/C and it almost stalled the car out. If I don’t turn on the A/C or defroster all is well. It seems more likely to happen when first starting the car or after it has sat for more than an hour. Also seems to happen more on hotter days, almost as though the hotter it is, the louder the noise.

Problem started about Nov 2016. About Mar 2017 I had the money to get it looked at, dealership said it was the A/C Compressor and replaced it. A week later, turn on A/C and noise still happened. Take it back in and they say the new A/C compressor was defective and replace it. A couple days later, noise still there. No choice but to deal with it at that point because I am out of PTO, have no alternatives to get to work without the car. Around Dec 2017, defroster stopped making the noise when turned on. April 2018 turn on A/C for first time this spring and nothing but warm air. Take it into dealership and they determine leak in condenser. Get it back and A/C works great. A couple days later, the noise is back.

I have three audio files recording the noise, but I am too new of a user to upload them. If anyone needs them I can find a way to post them somewhere to share.

The dealer gave you a copy of the work order when they returned the vehicle.

On the work order, along with replacing the compressor, does it include replacing the receiver/drier, the condenser, and flushing the hoses, evaporator/expansion valve?


Not sure, work orders are in the glove box, and the van is currently sitting at the dealership while they try to replicate the noise.

Here’s a link below to a four part tutorial on auto AC. Suggest you read through it. When a compressor fails, it often spouts metal bits which contaminate other parts in the AC system. If only the compressor is replaced, then those metal bits in the other parts can migrate back to the new compressor and damage it.


So, the dealership was “unable to replicating the noise” after a week of having it.

The paperwork in my globe box indicated they did the flush when they replaced it last time.

First day I had it back, and every day after, it made the noise. And last week the AC stopped putting out cold air. Took it to a shop recommended by a friend and they found a leaky hose to the condenser. Could low coolant be a possible cause of the clunking noise?