2017 Nissan Murano paint peeling

My 2017 Nissan Murano has had paint peeling off in 2 sections. I hear that Nissan has had problems with their paint. Shouldn’t consumers get some type of reimbursement?

Is that what you are hearing from your dealership when you asked them about the problem?

If you bought it new and you’re within the bumper-to-bumper warranty you’re probably covered. You might even have recourse if you bought it “certified.” If not, you’re pretty much at the mercy of the manufacturer.

No. When I showed my dealership the peeling problem, the agent looked at it and said “wow”. That’s it! But I did get an estimate just yesterday to have it painted locally and he said that HE has had a few Nissan’s in with the same problem. When he would repair the areas, most customers returned with new peeling areas. I think we should, as owners of vehicles from Nissan with this problem, try to go after the corporation to have them reimburse! Thoughts?

It is possible that a Class Action Suit has already been filed against Nissan.
A search of this site might prove to be helpful:



Your owners manual says how to contact the company with a complaint. Do just what it tells you to do. Good luck.

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Murano, paint problems aren’t common at carcomplaints.com, but definitely contact Nissan about this.

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I want to thank you for your help in contacting Nissan. I have, they got me to go to my local Nissan dealer who had my care diagnosed. I was still under warranty so it had to go through the warranty dept. Nissan Corp kept me up to date with correspondence and my entire vehicle is being painted!
I am shocked and thrilled at the same time!
Again, thanks!!


Great news! Sometimes if people bring an issue to the carmaker, it gets corrected. Congratulations, and thanks for keeping us in the loop.