2017 Nissan Altima - Well, it wasn't the front axles

Droning started the day I drove it home in 2021. I went back to the dealer and they replaced the front axles to stop the sound. Still doing it. They told me my car’s cvt was just more irritating than most!

CVT’s do tend to cause the vehicle to make a sort of race-car sound. I’ve heard this complaint about a CVT Corolla. The Corolla owner got used to it over time, after a few months no longer even noticed. You might ask dealership if they have another CVT-equipped 2017 used Nissan you could test drive to compare how it sounds, compared to yours. If yours sounds much worse, ask if a shop-tool called “Chassis Ears” might help narrow down what’s causing it.

You didn’t test drive it before you bought it?


You did not say how loud the drone sound is.
Have you changed the tires since you have owned it? a droning sound can come from the tires. just like you can get a droning sound from the exhaust if the previous owner modified it.

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How many miles are on the car??

Have you had the tires rotated?? If so did the noise change??
If tires were replace, did the noise change??

Could be the wheel/hub bearings…
Could be the CVT also…

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You’ve lived with this for 4 years. What do you want us to tell you? What the problem is? Or to trade it in on another car? I vote for trade.

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The way I interpret your post, you bought this vehicle used, 2+ years ago. Please answer the questions concerning tires.
How many times has the transmission fluid been changed? My understanding is that CVT transmissions must be changed every 30,000 miles with the fluid specified by Nissan.
My guess your vehicle is out of warranty, you might try finding an independent shop to diagnose the problem.
Or, as Mustangman said, trade it in.