07 altima sedan loud whining sound

my 2007 nissan altima with 178,000 miles has been making a whining noise coming from the front end since i had gotten it. kinda sounds like a leaf blower or weed eater. the noise happeneds no matter if it’s just started or after driving a while. if i put the car in reverse to back up it makes the noise once the rpm’s go up to about 1,200 same when it’s in drive, but in neutral or park and i rev it it doesn’t make any noise… any suggestions??

Given the odometer mileage and the really bad history of CVT failures on these Altimas, I strongly suggest that you take the car to an independent transmission shop (NOT a chain-run joint like Cottman, Mr. Transmission, Lee Myles, or AAMCO) for evaluation/diagnosis a.s.a.p.

How long have you had this car?


Concur w/MM above, does seem like a transmission problem. Could be the fluid level is a little too low, or could be something more serious.