How are the 2017 Nissan Altimas doing now?

How is the 2017 Altima holding up? I just bought one

According to this site…

Maybe not so good.

Shouldn’t you have asked this before you bought the car?

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If your Altima is running without problems, just drive on and don’t worry. You may have some factory warranty left.
There are probably a lot of 2017 Altimas on the road that haven’t had problems.

Consumer Reports data says reliability much better than average - April 2019 issue. The only below average category is noises/leaks. All the way back to 2011 they rate at least average in reliability.

Make sure you keep up with the transaxle maintenance . Nissans CVT’s are less than stellar reliability wise . Myself I wouldnt buy a CVT but that’s just me .

Is the transaxle maintenance recommended by Nissan, or is it something folks do to try and prevent a known issue from happening?

It’s more of a better safe than sorry practice, there are inspections advised at certain intervals, in the manual the dealer can use their scan tool for certain data but every 60,000 miles is advised. It’s in section 9-6 in the owners manual.

Transmission fluid/oil:Visually inspect for signs of leakage at specified intervals.If using a car-top carrier or driving on rough or muddy roads:●

Replace the CVT fluid every 60,000 miles(96,000 km) or request the dealer to inspectthe fluid deterioration data using a CON-SULT. If the deterioration data is more than210000, replace the CVT fluid

As mentioned, the major concern at least with the older ones are the CVT transmission. I am in the market for a used car now and bought the April issue of the Consumer report and to my surprise the Altima and the Rogue are rated pretty good. So I guess the combination of fixes and maintenance for the CVT works

My friend is absolutely anti CVT. He is down on Nissans because of CVTs, even as rentals. He insisted that his wife buy an Infinity vs a Nissan.
This weekend he is helping his son buy a Civic, an Accord or a CVR. They all have CVT’s. I believe all CVT’s may be made by the same nfg; JATCO.