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2012 Nissan Altima - Whines

my car has diveloped a winning noise, I suspect a wheel bearing.

I suspect not a wheel bearing. Bearings growl, not whine.

If I’m not mistaken, that is probably the CVT/transmission and whining is never a good sign. I strongly recommend taking it to a qualified Nissan mechanic to have it checked out. Our Altima did the same thing some months after we bought it and once we had the fluid changed the whining stopped.

Ordinarily, when one suspects a failing wheel bearing that is getting noisy, one can perform a simple, crude test, to either help confirm the problem is a wheel bearing or eliminate that suspicion (in many/most cases).

While driving down a long, straight highway, in a stretch with no other vehicles present in the vicinity, the “test” can begin. With the sound system and HVAC system “off” so that there’s no interfering noise, the driver slightly turns the steering wheel as if changing lanes, mildly “swerving” right and left. A bad bearing will usually get louder in one direction and quieter in the other one.

A bad bearing will usually get louder and quieter in relation to the maneuvers, especially front bearings, in my experience. And in my experience, no change in sound causes me to suspect a different component other than a wheel bearing.

It’s not a conclusive test, but a rough aid. Since I have diagnosed many failing wheel bearings over many decades, I can usually interpret the results of this “test” very accurately, even isolating which bearing is most likely the culprit. Trial and error and experience have been my best teachers.
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Nicole_S is right on the money. My wife’s Nissan Sentra developed a low whine a few months after buying it. The suggestion was made to change the transmission fluid as the car had 70k on the clock. It was whine free after that.

What a concept, “talking lubricants”! I’ve not heard of waiting until lubricants were worn enough to be audible, indicating required maintenance. I wonder if that’d work for engine oil, coolant, P/S fluid, and brake fluid? :smirk:

I can only wish that I had been a little more wine free last evening. Last evening resulted in a morning bicycle ride that was a touch more difficult than usual, but I managed, somehow.
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