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2017 Kia Sorento - Oil usage

1 qt every 1800 miles for the last 25:000 miles have 76:000 on it now don’t wate get rid of ASAP

Thats not a lot of oil usage at all. Some NEW cars use more than that. Just check the level frequently and fill as needed.


I can’t tell if Watty is telling someone to get rid of their vehicle or if they are saying they have one and should not wate (SIC ) to get rid of it . And I guess 76:000 means 76000 miles.

Duly noted, even thought it is invalid advice…

Assuming that this vehicle has all required maintenance, that would be disappointingly high oil consumption for a 3 model-year old vehicle with only 76,000 miles. I check oil on all my vehicles frequently, but I’d hate having a car that needs oil added frequently between changes (my cars are never lower than 8 ounces from full).

I’d check and see if it’s one these Asian cars with botched engine manufacturing that has an extended warranty for engine defects. Outside of that, if it bothers you as much as it would disturb me I’d get rid of it and carefully research a better made vehicle.

If this is a case of careless maintenance leading to premature engine wear then I’d say you’re shot by your own gun.
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If the oil changes are a bit lax and if you are in the habit of never checking the oil level while running it chronically down a quart or so then that is contributing to the problem. I’m a firm believer that an engine should not be allowed to run a quart down as that overheats the remaining oil and contributes to the problem.

@Watty. Welcome to the community. Thank you for those wonderfully thought out words of nonsense. Truely inspiring to the “stay in school” crowd. Please pick up you membership refund on the way out.


Isn’t the car still under warranty? See the dealer if it is. Yes it is a high oil consumption for that car and mileage.

Maybe high, but almost certainly within spec.

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Wasn’t there another thread about Sorento oil consumption? It’s possible this was meant as a reply to that. And yes, 1 quart in 1800 miles is negligible as long as the owner checks his/her oil regularly.


Yow! I’m sure that I would not consider it negligible!
Manageable? Possibly.

Definition of negligible
So small or unimportant or of so little consequence as to warrant little or no attention.

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Yes, negligible, as in not a source of excessive concern. The OP doesn’t need to be freaking out over a quart in 1800 miles. He/she shouldn’t ignore his/her oil consumption but neither should he/she panic.

wate=want. Give the OP a break, guys.

As noted, a quart every 1800 miles isn’t terribly high, but not great, either. Any sign of leakage? Has the PCV valve been replaced? Sometimes, switching to a different brand of oil can help. Be sure to use the proper viscosity; don’t fall into the trap of using a heavier oil to reduce oil consumption.

First, reread the definition of negligible!

Even if I changed my mind and agreed with you, which I can’t, that’s a lot of consumption, especially for a car with about 50,000 miles on it!

It isn’t negligible for several reasons. One reason is that it could use 3 to 5 quarts between oil changes, depending on frequency of changes!

What the heck, I never let a vehicle get more than 8 ounces low on oil and at 1 quart per 1800 miles, I’d be adding oil at every gas stop, just like driving a beater car. PITA!

Another thing is that without knowing the exact cause and reason for the high consumption, that consumption will probably be increasing or take a more sudden turn to the bad.

Not to mention the inconvenience of adding make-up oil all the while, the disappointment of owning a 3 year-old oil eater, and possible problems at resale time.

We’ve had similar discussions on checking and adding engine oil and I agree with professional mechanic @OK4450 that cars should not be allowed to run low on oil (should never need even a full quart) as a lower volume of oil does not dissipate heat as well as higher volumes (as in near full). I would only have to hazard a guess that for the average driver of a car consuming this much oil that it would probably run low most of the time (if not too low).

Negligible? I guess it is for you, but not for me. I’d have no pride in ownership of such an oil eater. We’ll probably have to agree to disagree.
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I guess we will. According to GM, oil consumption “can be in the range of one quart within 2,000 miles on a properly driven and maintained vehicle.” 1800 is reasonably close to 2000 so I’d consider it normal. With a 5000 mile oil change interval you’re adding a bit over 2 quarts between changes. My Corolla was down half a quart after 4000 miles recently, at which time I topped it off, but I consider myself lucky rather than entitled and I’d be okay with a quart every 1800. It’s certainly not “beater” territory. And if you’re really sufficiently anal as to add oil in 8 ounce increments and not yanking my chain I feel sorry for you.

Guess why car manufacturers consider considerable consumption to be normal? Hint: It has something to do with warranty pay-outs…

Since my cars are seldom ever that low I don’t mind topping them off one bit. LOL

Besides, I’m a retired guy, living in Florida for the winter. Low temperature last night dropped to 72* F and it was all sun (as usual) and 82* F today! I played golf today on a league, on the course in which we live, where I am a winter member. Please, please, don’t feel sorry for me. I need no sympathy. I’m living in paradise on the Suncoast! LOL
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When I check my oil level and it below the full line I add enough to put at the full line . Sometimes that may even be less than 8 oz. I am already there so why not make it full .

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Wait just a minute… 1800 is close to 2000, but according to your own findings, you pointed out that it isn’t normal consumption! Even GM would consider that excessive. :wink:
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@common_sense_answer, you’re rubbing it in again!

Is there some part of “within 2000 miles” that has you confused? A quart slightly before 2000 miles would still be in GM’s normal range.