2016 Hyundai Accent - Uses oil

uses a lot of oil 115000 miles , no leaks

Define “a lot of oil.” A quart in a couple of thousand miles is perfectly acceptable. You might not be happy but it is. A quart in 1000 or 500 is actually a fairly minor problem, as long as you check your oil regularly.


You ARE checking your oil regularly, right? Run the engine out of oil and it will go BANG!


Acceptable according to the terms of many manufacturers’ warranty coverage to limit their liability and expenses, but if I owned a 2016 vehicle with only 115,000 miles it would not be acceptable to me!

Minor compared with what, breaking both legs and one arm at the same time? :grimacing: A quart of oil consumed every 500 to 1,000 miles is a royal PITA. :anguished:

Wow, I guess it depends on what one expects from their vehicle and what one can tolerate as far as defective vehicles go. I expect more from all my vehicles and they deliver.

I can assure you that I would not tolerate a problem as major as oil consumption in the range of a quart in 500 to 1,000 miles.
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good grief . . .


GM says significantly more than a quart in 2,000 miles is excessive in a new car. At 115,000 the bar would be lower. If you drive 12k a year a quart in 1k = a quart a month, which many of us could easily live with. A quart in 500 is only one every couple of weeks. I’ve owned absolute dogs that needed a quart a week and more. My Corolla has 118k and goes through a bit more than a quart in 5k but I consider myself fortunate rather than entitled. I certainly wouldn’t think of it as “defective” if it used a bit more. You obviously feel otherwise.

Three days later, despite requests for the OP to define “uses a lot of oil” we still have no idea about the actual rate of oil consumption.


Vanishing into the unknown is a somewhat common trait around here.

As for oil consumption, there’s a difference between acceptable and what should be. To me, a quart in a couple of thousand miles in unacceptable.
The fact that a car manufacturer may say a quart per 500/1000/2000 miles is normal means nothing to me because they have a very expensive vested interest in saying that.

A car that goes through a quart of oil per 1000 miles has a problem.


Yes, but the OP has a 4 year old vehicle that might have been abused, or it might have been poorly-maintained. Manufacturers’ defensive statements about oil consumption on new or nearly-new vehicles are surely self-serving, but when a vehicle has been in service for 4 years, we need to know exactly what someone is claiming to be excessive oil consumption.

Logically, we would also need to know exactly how well the vehicle in question has been maintained, but as we see all too often, we usually get the vague “it has been well-maintained” statement without any more substantiation than the claim of excessive oil consumption.


If you owned a 2016 car with 115,000 miles and you found that burning a quart every 2000 miles unacceptable, your only recourse would be to sell it. Even if it was a brand new car no one is going to “fix” an engine that is burning one quart in 2000 miles because it is not broken.

I understand you would not be happy about it, but but one would give you a new engine or car unless you pay a lot of money. My 2012 Toyota’s manual says one quart of oil in 600 miles is not excessive. I don’t have to add any between changes, but that just means I’m lucky.


When you manufacture/assemble millions of engines every year, you’re going to write a SPEC for those engines that covers your A$$.


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I agree with you on using oil

I’ve also owned several cars that needed a quart a week. They ran fine, had good power and always passed the smog inspections. No blue smoke, either. I never complained about it. I just viewed topping off as one of my chores


The OP also has a 4 year old vehicle that already has 115k, about 29k a year. That’s a lot of driving, under who knows what conditions with who knows what maintenance. If the OP had a newer vehicle or fewer miles I might be more sympathetic but under the circumstances no.

When buying a used car a quick swipe of the inside of the tailpipe for oily deposits can avoid oil burners.
The bad cases have dark stains around the pipe on valence etc.
Worked for me for 30+ years.
I’ve managed to not own a car that need oil added between changes.
However, I could live with a quart every 1000 miles.

You were crapping your diapers when I was working on cars!



Thanks for the thoughtful and insightful reply! :poop:
I’ll add that to the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained from my elders.
Since I didn’t own my first car until age 23, and now I’m 60, that puts you up there in age.

About the only cheap simple thing to try is to check the PCV valve and its vacuum hose. If you have it off and shake it and it rattles, it is probably OK. If its part of a complex assembly it might be more difficult to tell if it is working. If it does not rattle it might be possible to free it up by pouring gas or other solvents through it.

Four days later , despite requests for the OP to define “uses a lot of oil” we still have no idea about the actual rate of oil consumption.

If the OP doesn’t intend to provide this information, I don’t see any reason for everyone else to devote any more time or energy to his “problem”.


Once again, OP has left the building…

GL03 didn’t say them had a problem, but rather them was making a statement.

I didn’t see where them was asking for any help or advice.

Perhaps it was meant as a boast because them had no oil leaks.

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