2017 Jeep Renegade oil consumption

Jeep Renegade uses a lot oil between required oil changes

Under warranty, talk to your dealer. This can be a problem with Jeeps.

Make sure you document all oil loss and every time you talk to the dealer. Warranty item, don’t trust them to do right by you. Look up lemon law for your state too.

How much is a lot? How many miles does it take to use a quart, specifically?

I have been amazed by my previous and current cars. 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse and 2010 Kia Forte SX. Both 2.4L I4. Both normally had/have zero oil consumption on a 6 month/5,000 mile oil/filter change schedule. The Kia dealer discovered a discoloration on the oil pan sealant (no oil loss) and repaired it under warranty. Report any oil consumption to your dealership. They will conduct a oil consumption monitoring test. On a Jeep under warranty I would report anything over 1/2 quart.

1.4 T or 2.4 non-T engine? How much oil is it using per one thousand miles? Any visible oil leaks? Any signs of oil in the coolant?

The big questions are how much oil is it using, how many miles on the vehicle, and how often do you change the motor oil?