2017 Jeep Renegade consumes oil

Why does a brand new vehicle using synthetic oil burn so much oil one quart one and a half quarts between oil changes. The dealer warned i should check the engine oil when I bought the vehicle. I thought that kind of odd , but now see that it consumes oil. This is the first new vehicle that has ever done that for me. I’m at 15,000 miles and its due for second oil change and I’ve added 3 quarts of oil from the beginning till now. I’ve worked on a lot of cars in my life, I’m over 60. I’ve never seen anything like this. The dealer told me if it needs oil just add it then that’s what I’ve done. Perhaps the engine was built on a hungover Monday or the quality control department has problems!!! Anyone have an idea for the best fix??

Sure, remove the engine, disassemble the engine. Replace the piston rings with high tension oil and second rings. Reassemble the engine. Reinstall the engine. Enjoy lower oil consumption but lower fuel economy, too.

See what I did there? The rings used on modern cars are low tension to reduce rotating friction. They also use a bit more oil between changes. This and other things also allow much longer oil change intervals.

You are complaining about ONE quart of oil in 5000 miles with a 7500 mile oil change interval. In the old days, that would be a 3000 mile oil change interval and you’d be 2/3rds of a quart low at the change. Not even enough to add 1 quart. So to your mind, not adding a quart between oil changes means low oil consumption. It doesn’t.

So do you STILL think your new car is burning an excessive amount of oil? Welcome to 2018 and check your oil periodically between changes and have a spare quart of synthetic oil on hand.


What is odd about that ? Why would you not check oil level on a regular basis on any vehicle ?

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