07 jeep wrangler oil consumption

I bought a 07 jeep wrangler with aprox. 30,000 miles on it. It is using about 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles. The locale dealer and chrysler customer service is telling me this is within the spec’s and there is nothing that they can do. Is there any furter steps I can take to persuade chrysler to fix this obvious problem. The dealer has performed a oil consumption test to confirm the usage.

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In the owner’s manual of my 2011 Toyota Sienna, it states that oil consumption isn’t abnormal unless it is more than a quart every 600 miles. Toyota probably says this to protect themselves. At any rate, I’ve gone 2500 miles and haven’t used any oil. However, the statement did encourage me to check the oil every time I buy gasoline.

A quart every 1000 miles is considered normal…It’s a USED Jeep…End of story…

If the Jeep used a quart of oil every 100 miles why should Chrysler foot the bill?

You bought a used Jeep with 30k miles and it could be an oil consumer because it was not broken in properly, may have been overheated at one time, or may have seen only 1 oil change in that 30k miles.
None of that is Chrysler’s fault.

A leakdown test could be performed and this MAY shed some light on any piston ring problems. If a ring problem exists then that could be laid on any of the above causes.

My favorite quote of a statement by my old dad, is this one.
" If it don’t use oil, somethings wrong with it."