2017 Hyundai Sonata - Oil consumption

Loose oil you can see it burning though the tail pipe over a quart ever 1000 mile went through consumption test they are dragging there feet want me to have the oil change every more often I don’t fill safe In my car I live in rural area I have to go hour and 20 min just to see the dealer and I go to doctor around 2 hours away I don’t have money to buy a new car I though I would have this one for at lease another 4 years at the end of my rope.

sorry to here your having a problem. but you need to go through with there consumption tests to have any chance of them fixing your engine. and they will charge you for the oil changes. the only option is to sell your car and lease one. used car prices are really high right now so you can probably get close to what you paid for it. you would be surprised that right now people will buy used cars even with problems with them.

Excessive oil consumption is not a problem that typically causes a car to completely break down on the highway. So, do their consumption test. They will probably seal the drain plug so that there is no hanky-panky.
I hope you have kept your car in warranty, and have the records to show that you have. You haven’t said how many miles you have on the car.

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@oldnotdeadyet is quite correct. Your car won’t suddenly break down unless you let the oil level get very low. And while there are folks who will disagree, a quart in 1,000 miles–or even a bit more–is not earth shattering. When my wife and I were first married I had an Oldsmobile that belched blue smoke and needed oil every couple of days. It finally broke down but because it was a hunk of junk and not because it burned oil. Do what the dealer recommends and keep good records.

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I recommend you call the Hyundai USA corporate office and complain.
You may have to go to another dealer to get proper treatment.
The Theta II engine in this car has a safety recall and a class action lawsuit.
The engine can seize and stall on the road; increased oil consumption is one symptom of impending failure.
Check to see if the 953 recall has been done. If not, get it done.

After getting that it has an unlimited mileage warranty.