2015 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport - Burn (a lot of) oil

This car burns one quart oil within 500 miles.
I just replaced the starter and transmission. It has 115,000 miles as of today ! Geez, what am I to do??

As long as there’s no obvious oil leaks where oil is dripping on the ground, suggest to add one quart of oil every 500 miles, change the oil and filter per Hyundai’s schedule, and otherwise live with it. If there are obvious oil leaks, fix those first as long as the fee isn’t too high. Valve cover leaks are the most common, and relatively inexpensive to fix on most engines…

Other ideas

  • If there’s a big cloud of blue-ish smoke out the tail-pipe right when you start the car, but not otherwise, could be faulty valve stem seals. That problem can often be fixed without incurring a major engine repair fee. I had this problem myself on a late 70’s VW Rabbit, replacing the valve stem seals fixed it straight-away.

  • Problems in the PCV system can contribute to this problem. Ask your shop to double check that’s all working correctly, take a flyer and maybe replace the pcv valve itself, inexpensive.


Pour in a can of Restore. Available at the auto parts store. Follow directions on the can. It might help your oil consumption. It can’t hurt!

And what do you have to lose at this point?


Check out the excess oil consumption class action lawsuit that’s been filed. Who knows if anything will come of it.

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My questions are…
Buy the car brand new or used?
If new, then how often are the oil changes (time and miles) and how often do you raise the hood to inspect the oil level.

A dry/wet compression or leak down test could be done to check for piston ring wear but that is not 100% accurate as it will not reveal wear or seizure of the piston oil control rings.

If a ring issue then there no crutch except a can of Restore with the only repair being a rebuild or engine swap with a known good (Good luck with that…) engine.

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I would try to use Hyundai’s 10 year warranty on the engine.


But it’s a 100k warranty, car has 115k.

So you spend a couple hundred dollars for oil over the next 20-30K miles? Not a big deal, just bothersome. I had a car down to 300 miles per quart before it died. As far as a class action, I doubt there would be any consideration for engines with over 100K on them anyway. Even the Olds diesel cut it off at 100K.

Check the oil often and top it up to Full every time. Don’t let it get too low.

Is Oldsmobile considered to be todays gold standard for warranty?
There are oil consumption warranty extensions that cover for 10 years/150,000 miles.

Class action not warranty as in legal action for the participants. Hasn’t changed much.

The class action lawsuit settlement on Hyundai’s Theta II engine failures resulted in a lifetime warranty on the short block. Class action and warranty.

Great. So this one gets a new short block free?

There are many class action lawsuits that resulted in brake system repairs and replacing those crumbling dash pads from Japan.