2016 Hyundai Tucson - Oil consumption

Excessive oil consumption. No oil on the driveway, no leaks, no smoke from the exhaust. Took my vehicle to Hyundai dealer. They recommend oil consumption test. I added 2 quarts after 900 mile trip (Mobil 1 5w20). It was in the full mark at the beginning of the trip. Does anyone else have this same issue? Motor is 2.0L.

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You are consuming one quart per 450 miles, which is just barely over Hyundai’s allowed 500 miles per quart. If it were me, I’d check the oil frequently, keep it above the “add” line, keep detailed records of the mileage at which you add oil, and wait until the oil consumption reaches one quart per 400 miles, and then demand a new engine.

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Perform the oil consumption test now before the warranty expires so the engine can be replaced.


That is not normal! Get a new engine before your warranty expires.Don’t let Hyundai win on this.


Hyundai actually considers consumption of a quart of oil every 500 miles to be “normal”??? Most 20-year old cars with over 200,000 miles don’t consume that much oil. Get your engine replaced ASAP, while it’s still under warranty. Otherwise, you will be stuck paying to replace catalytic converters and oxygen sensors every couple years just to get this thing through emissions.


Exactly! my 20 year old Corolla doesn’t consume a drop of oil.

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Just curious: How many miles on the vehicle? How often is oil changed?

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As with most cases like this I always wonder about oil change regimen (both time and miles) and predominantly what type of driving is being done; city or highway.

All depending, those can have an affect on oil consumption and IF a new engine is installed under warranty then it too will not last long if the same potential lax habits are in place.
Warranty is a one time deal.


55000 miles. Change oil every 5000 with Mobil 1 full synthetic 5w20. The manual says 7000.


Mostly highway. My husband is a mechanic, and very diligent about changing oil and checking everything else.

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I don’t plan too!

2014 Hyundai Tucson burning oil emitting blue white smoke. Still under manufacturer warranty yet can’t get Hyundai to return call or certified letter. Dealership has had in service over 5 times now refuse to touch & can’t get any Hyundai dealership to work on. Never by a Hyundai!!! Google about burning oil&engine recalls!!!