08 Azera doesn't shut off when filling gas tank

I have an 08 Hyundai Azera I purchased used 3 months ago w/16,000 miles that doesn’t automatically shut off when filling with gas (with gas pump in auto mode). I have to shut off pump prior to tank being full. I’ve completed my due diligence at Shell, BP, Marathon and other gas stations and it has occurred at all. Tank has been very close to empty when filling. Any thoughts.

The car doesn’t shut off?

Or, do you mean to tell us that the gas pump at the station does not shut off when you are filling the tank?

I am not clear as to what is going on.

I have never heard of a car that auto shut off when you were refueling. Not a bad idea however to make life difficult for those fools who can’t seem to turn their cars off when refueling.

Assuming you mean gasoline pump fails to shut off when you are filling your tank. Is so have you tried a different station, or even a different pump at that station? The fuel pump shutoff is controlled by the pump, not your car.

I guess your car could have some sort of strange design that might keep the pump from shutting off or maybe there is a defect in the vent system.

The usual problem is when the pump shuts off too soon, and that is usually caused by the driver who has repeatedly topped off the tank when refilling. That is something the new vapor control devices don’t like and it can damage your car.

Yes I should have said the gas pump does not auto shut off when filling the tank unless I manually do it. I did not state that clearly. I fully understand that the fuel pump shut off is controlled by the pump, not my car, so that is why I tried fuel pumps at different gas stations such as BP, SHell, Marathon, etc to see if I had the same issue…and I did. So any suggestions

If you are making sure the noozle of the pump is placed fully into the hole in your car’s filler pipe then there is nothing more you can do. The fuel noozle is designed to shut off if it senses to much back pressure as the fuel moves into your car. For some reason your car is venting that pressure which is not building up enough to trigger the noozle to shut off the flow of gas.

Just estimate the amount of gas you need and fill with a certain number of gallons. If there is still a warranty on the car check with a Hyundai dealer to see if something in the fuel filler pipe is loose or improper. There is a system to control the vapors given off when refueling the car and something in that system is not right.

I agree with Uncle Turbo. If this problem occurs at several gas stations, then there is likely to be a problem with the car’s evaporative emissions system. Bear in mind that Hyundai drastically reduces the length of the warranty for anyone other than the original owner, so I would suggest getting the car to the Hyundai dealer sooner, rather than later.

Have you tried having someone else fill the car for you? While I can’t imagine what it could be, perhaps something you do in setting the nozzle and the trigger is causing this. The only time I’ve had this happen was on a Miata that was very difficult to fill because the nozzle would kick off way too soon. If I set the flow at a slow pace I could get it to fill, but then it would overflow.

The ONLY way this happens is if the filler tube (nozzle) is not inserted fully into the filler neck…It is not back pressure that triggers the nozzle, it’s liquid gasoline being drawn into the nozzle through a little port at the tip of the nozzle that causes the nozzle to click off…Rarely, a defective nozzle can also cause this. But then ALL users are affected, not just you…

So what happens when the fuel pump nozzle does not automatically shut off? Do you get a flood of fuel overflowing between the filler tube and the nozzle bellows? Where is the fuel ending up – on the ground or back into the vapor recover part of the nozzle? This problem is interesting because most fill problems are with the autoshutoff happening too soon i.e. the tank is only partly filled when it clicks off.