Pumping gas

when I am putting gas in my 2003 hyundai elantra gls, I can only put a little gas in at a time, the pump keeps stopping, it takes about 20 minutes to fill the tank because I have to drizzle the gas in, can this be repaired and will it be very expensive?

Very common problem. Use the “search” feature of this board to bring up hundreds of posts. Try “slow fill”, “gas fill” “no fill”

Simply pull back the gas nozzle about 3 inches and then push the handle in a downward motion. This will allow the filler neck to take the gas quicker. This will work on about 95% of the vehicles out there.

Are you in the habit of topping off the tank to squeeze more fuel in? Chances are your owner’s manual and or a sticker somewhere on the car, warns you not to do that. It can damage the vent system causing the symptoms you are experiencing.

Try starting out at a slower feed rate and then continue only on a ‘middle’ setting. And ditto with NO clicking to the last drop! When the nozzle shuts off stop right there. As a matter of fact at the gas station the other day I noticed the instructions on the pump say exactly that. Of course it says a lot of other things that people completely ignore, i.e. stop engine when pumping gas! Good Luck!