2017 Honda Civic Cpe - Prox sensors

Front proximity sensor beeps when raining. At the moment I disarm the sensors when raining. The switch is located about knee high on the drivers side. Electronics on vehicle I think are becoming too complex. When something starts beeping, or a warning light appears it can be extremely distracting.

No “above” We can’t see what you are referring to. Did you have a question?

I agree. When I back test cars into my garage they scream from multiple sensors, yet, I’m safely and slowly parking in a garage. Sensors that are always giving false alarms are useless because we tune them out.

They can take all this stuff like proximity and lane sensors and all that and file it where the sun don’t shine . All unneeded stuff that makes people even more inattentive . Just adds unneeded cost to already ridiculously expensive vehicles .

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I wish mine would beep sooner. On backing, the camera looks like I have 3 feet… and beeps when I’m ready to run it over.