2003 Ford Wndstar Backup Sensors

The sensors go off at fastest frequency and stay that way while in reverse. There are 2 sensors on the rear bumper. Anyone have any ideas on troubleshooting them? There does not appear to be any obstructions or interference I can see.

Have you backed up into anything to distort the bumper (it doesn’t take much)?

I see now there are 4 sensors, The plastic shell of the bumper looks fine, though bolts that hold the shell on were very loose, I could get them almost snug with the mounts in the right place, they are in a sit and spin mode, can’t tighten them and can’t remove them. I’ll pull them and replace them. One corner sensor has a scratch, I tried to buff it out with the dremel I got 5 years ago with minimal success, second use I think, Imagine the battery was still good! It is a whole lot better, it is the wifes van one set of quick beeps and then silence. Maybe they are supposed to do that, I’ll ask wifey, or read the manual as I rarely drive it. Thanks.