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2017 GMC Terrain -What's it worth?

What is this car worth today if sold to another person? In excellent condition with 41,000 miles. Located in Myrtle Beach SC.

Go to Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds, they can provide estimates.

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I’ll give you $20.00 for it if you deliver it

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I will raise it to 25.00 .

I also suggest you try Use their True Market Value feature. It is accessible through the site map at the bottom of the home page. Once on the TMV page, scroll down below the picture of the couple and click on the blues”TMV pricing”. That takes you to the calculator, and could they make it any harder? Anyway, you should do it yourself because you didn’t give us nearly enough information. You need to input trim level and all the options to get an accurate estimate. BTW, your excellent condition is almost certainly clean condition in Edmunds terminology. To them, excellent means it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

Thanks to you!

List it for sale. If none bites, price is too high. Or your advertising scheme is ineffective.
They go for 18k w/40k miles with slt2 trim in my area

Without knowing which trim level you have it’s only a guess, A Denali would be worth much more than a SLE or SLT.

To me, nothing. To someone who is looking for one, a lot more.