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Salvage Price of a 2001 GMC Jimmy?

I have a 2001 GMC Jimmy Sport Utility 4D that was recently in an accident. It would cost more than it is worth. What would a good salvage price? It has a clear title, is very clean with only 56,000 miles on it. Any opinions would be appreciated.

You need to get some local estimates to determine the value. There are a lot of variables that will affect the price. Is the drivetrain damaged? The worth of the vehicle as salvage depends on what can be sold as serviceable. You can also run an ad in the local paper and let the best offer buy it. There are a lot of people around who do this as a hobby and as a living. The damage will ultimately decide the value.

The engine, transmission and T-case (assuming they are not damaged) are worth $1500. The front and rear differentials and axles, $200 each. So figure the “hard parts” are worth $2000. The rest is gravy or scrap metal, depending.