2017 gmc acadia limited go or no go

You guys know so much, reviews seem mixed, your thoughts on this vehicle? Has a trailer hitch, all the bells and whistles, 27 miles, 28k price before negotiations, 6 cyl engine. Seats are the big thing for wife with bad back. Thanks in advance.

You couldn’t give me a GM vehicle if I won it in a contest.



It is surprising to hear that. My 03 was good til it got rear ended, our fleet vehicles have mostly been Gm, a few Fords or Dodges, but the gm seemed to be more reliable.

I agree with @Tester. The only GM vehicle I would take of what’s available now is a Cadillac Escalade, and that’s because I’m a show-off.

Get a pre-purchase inspection by your mechanic, of course.

I like the Acadias, and I would buy a GM before any other domestic. My current daily driver is an 06 Trailblazer. And I’m a mechanic.

But you tow a boat, right? I would still prefer a full frame RWD for towing, but that limits your options.

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It’s a new vehicle

Yes I tow a boat, it is 2 miles to the launch and 2 miles back. Looked at pickups, but the seats are not comfy or adjustable for wife with a bad back.

My wife was in the market for a new car a couple of years ago, and drove just about everything out there. I have to say, the Lincoln MKX with twin turbo Ecoboost and noise-canceling technology was more fun and quieter to drive than the comparable Cadillac. She made her choice based on what she liked, with no input from me, other than if she chose a Grand Cherokee it would be traded in at 60,000 miles.

Frankly, if it were me, I would have chosen the Lincoln. Even over the Acura or Lexus. It’s that much of a nicer car.

Isn’t the MKX what was briefly the Ford 500 and then Taurus?

No, that’s the MKZ. MKX is the Lincoln brother of the Ford Edge.

I miss good car names. I took my wife on our first date in a Coupe DeVille. Now she drives around in an XT5.

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Comfort is everything, and it’s very subjective. My wife drives a 2018 Cadillac and I drive a 2006 Chevy. Yet I just can’t get comfortable in her driver’s seat, no matter how I adjust everything.

But there are people here who would advise you to buy a car based more on mechanical reliability than comfort and looks.

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That’s low mileage is it really a 2017 with 27 miles, or is it a new 2019 with that mileage? If it really is an extremely low mileage 2017, beware of the rubber components. They may have experienced damage from sitting around. I had a 1987 Taurus that sat on the dealer lot for about 9 months, and the AC compressor seals leaked. I figured it was because the AC didn’t run for all that time. They fixed it under warranty, but maybe you should be careful of this.

I guess by now you know the 2017 and later Acadias are midsize SUVs. Only the Enclave and Traverse are full size now. Edmunds estimates the selling price of a used 2017 SLT-2 in outstanding condition and 27 miles at $29,500. Looks like a good price, unless it is a lower trim level. Edmunds said the 6-cyl was only available in the SLT trim, and the FWD V6 only in the SLT-2.

It is the limited, 3 row seating, trailor package, upper trim package, the slt is shorter, lighter and less towing capacity from what I understand, kind of like a holdover dinosaur I guess.

The price is reasonable for a non-CPO car, and quite good for CPO car. If it’s a non-CPO car, you probably have some wiggle room on price. For CPO car, I doubt if they’ll come down much, though it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try. The good news is that the Acadia Limited is basically the previous gen Acadia so presumably it’s about most reliable model year they made. The downside is that the Acadia Limited was mostly sold to fleet/rental buyers so, they may not have seen the gentlest of use. I’d see a CarFax to see where this car came from.

I have a 2008 Isuzu Ascender which is GMC Envoy with an Isuzu badge on it . One of the best vehicles i have had and have had very few issues with it at 150000 miles. The inline 6 still burns zero oil between changes . If they had still made an Envoy I would have gotten another one . If you hate the crappy Stop/Start feature make sure it has a button you can turn it off . A lot of GM’s do not have a way to turn it off and if you tow that would be a real PIA . This is the main reason I didnt look at GM and ended up with a Dodge Durango , you can shut if off with a button on the dash .

Carfax is clean, it is an off lease vehicle. I can still buy the extended warranty if desired, more tomorrow. They do not play the cpo game. It is under 36k, but original warranty applies for 5 year 60k powertrain, thinking 3 year 36k bumper to bumper is near worthless, but you know I am one of those idiots that will spend $1500 to get bumper to bumper till 2025. Thanks for reminding me about an independent check, I seriously was like I do not need it, then you slapped me into consciousness as I have advised others the same advice,

Since it’s off lease, it must be 27,000 miles. Edmunds prices it at $25,500 in clean condition from the dealer. See if you can knock 3 grand off. Look up prices in your area on Edmunds, TrueCar, NADAguiides, and any other pricing web site. Print the estimates and take them with you to show the salesman if he won’t discount enough. I used the clean condition, not outstanding, btw. I don’t think even a dealer prepped vehicle can be called outstanding. If condition is outstanding, the price is $26,200, still a long way from the dealer’s asking price.

The good news is that this is at the end of the generation and early generation problems that probably exist for the SLT version (first year) won’t be there.

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One of the people I work with has almost same vehicle and they are very happy with it. She doesn’t do any towing with it and uses it as a daily driver. They bought it one year old and have been driving it since- no issues so far.

gm Took a former minivan design and tried to beef it up. Didn’t work so well. It looks ok. But that’s it.