GMC Acadia

Thinking of upgrading the 03 trailblazer. Seriously considering a 2020 colorado, but walking up to the corner store peroused a used car lot, saw a 2012 GMC arcedia, 101k miles for 12k or so. 3 month 3k mile warranty, No problem having my mechanic inspest it. Time for a couple of grand maintenance I assume. Just looking for your thoughts. 2020 Colorado is 22k, new Acadia 40k plus. I really did not want a truck, but will do it for the towing capacity, basicially a 2500lb boat, a uhaul 12’ trailer every now and then, or a couple of jet skis. Any thoughts appreciated.

Front wheel drive or all wheel drive? I haven’t driven the Acadia, but I really like the Buick Enclave. That year Acadia should be very similar to the Buick.

FWD, assuming front wheel drive.

I would stay away from the 12 Acadia , they had a lot of issues with that 3.6 liter V6 back then . If a 2020 Colorado is 22K, it must the 4 cylinder, make sure that is what you want , not sure the 4 will tow 2500 lbs or not .

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Colorado is listed as 3500 lbs towing, and it is a 2 mile trip to the launch. Had a 2wd Toyota and Ranger truck, no problem on cement launches.

No if it is cement , 2WD is fine . that is what I always get and I live in snow country . Rarely an issue even when it snows if you take your time .