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2017 gmc acadia limited go or no go

No, the MKZ is a twin of the Fusion. The MKS was the Lincoln version of the Taurus.

Ah yes, the MKS was the larger one. And now that you mention it, let’s not forget the MKT and the MKC.

Too many MKs.

looks like a go, wife and I test drove, nice, throwing in 2600 5k bumper to bumper and another 1k off.

Do you mean 50K bumper to bumper?

Post a pic of the new ride!

I would love a '75 or '76 mark iv


… but not if you had to drive it.
One of my work colleagues owned one of those Lincolns, and because she really didn’t enjoy driving, she “generously” offered to let me drive it when we went to lunch one day. That car was no more than 2 years old, but it had the worst brakes that I had ever experienced, and its handing/roadholding was tantamount to a Tugboat in the midst of a hurricane.

The next time that we were going to a group lunch, and she asked me to drive her Mark IV, I respectfully declined because I just didn’t want to be behind the wheel of that lumbering behemoth.

If you buy one, it will be surely be nice to look at, but as to driving it… beware of a vehicle with really lousy brakes and truly abominable handling characteristics.

If you want to drive at a snail’s pace in a straight line, it will be fine.
Just make sure that you don’t have to exert more than a very moderate brake force, and be sure that you don’t try to take any turns at a pace faster than a rapid walking pace.

My current daily driver is a '62 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, I have a feeling the Lincoln driving characteristics would feel similar.

The ride will never be as good as what you have, but it is good enough.

The reason I would never own a GM vehicle is because GM doesn’t care about the safety of their customers.


You mean like the Takata airbag in my 03 trailblazer that has never been recalled?

Definitely a step up from the trailblazer. Go for it! I rented one of these once and it was like riding on clouds. Enjoy the “new to you” ride!

Yes we are going for it, I got 1 grand off plus the $2640 5 year 100k mile GM warranty bumper to bumper from sale date. Next closest was $27k 11,000 more miles and no trailer package. You never feel great, but I am thinking it is close enough,

Nice ride. You will be happy with it.

Wife gets it, at least the rav4 holds the golf clubs. It goes, it stops after that everything is gravy!

Is that a GM extended warranty? Great color, and the interior looks comfortable. Power rear lift gate! I insisted that we get our new van with one. Mrs JT thought that was extravagant, but I reminded her that if we keep it as long as the last one, she’ll be in her mid-70s when we get a replacement. I hope it works out for you.

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I hope it works for us also, We are optimistic. The 3rd row seats were folded down, probably bigger than we need, but life goes on. Wife is loving the seat adjustments for driver and passenger, and pick heat your butt or heat your back lumbar thing and all controls, the smile on her face was priceless. GM bumper to bumper extended warranty, I was originally thinking a truck but the seats even I could tell would not work for her, but we had a nice test drive including 80mph on the interstate was good, and she was so scared in the former KIA looking at the center of the wheel of the 18 wheelers. And it can tow our boat. I did car truck shopping, it is always hard but one gets to the point I am tired of looking and just want to be done with it.! The liftgate would not kill the deal but have it on the rav4, but I am an old curmudgeon, crank windows would not bother me either.

That Acadia should tow a boat just fine. Everyone thinks you must have a V8 to tow but I spent 6 years towing a 3800lb boat with my 97 Cherokee without any problems.


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Trailblazer is a 6, never a problem towing the boat