2017 Dodge Challenger shifting issues

I was just wondering if anyone owning a SXT Challenger has ever experienced any shifting issues when first starting out in the morning. Specificaly, the first and second shift. Afterwards, there is no problem. If so, what is the fix?

You’re still under warranty. Take it back to the dealership, tell them exactly what’s going on, and let them diagnose and fix the problem


One word… Warranty!
You don’t have to know either the cause or the possible fix. That is for the dealer’s service department to figure-out. In fact, if you tell them to “replace the xxxxxx” and if that doesn’t fix the problem, you would have to pay for that exercise in throwing parts at the problem.

If the dealership is unable to repair the problem, then you should elevate your complaint to the corporate level. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual. If the dealership is unsuccessful at repairing it after 3 attempts, in most states you are then eligible for settlement under the Lemon Law.

If you attempt to repair this on your own, or to have an independent mechanic repair it, you stand a good chance of voiding the warranty on your transmission.

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