2006 Dodge Dakota

My Dakota has two annoying issues neither of which the dealer can or will remedy.

#1 The 3-speed automatic has a shifting glitch between 45-51mph, it shifts up in that interval regardless of whether it is under load. The dealer said it was a computer ROM issue that would only be fixed after enough complaints were registered with the manufacturer.

#2 A loud, rapid, and relatively high pitched, sporadic clicking sound comes out of the steering column that seems to covary with throttle pressure. I have stopped at two dealerships while it was occurring but neither would take the time to listen to it. The closest thing I can find on the web is about a defective upper bearing retainer on the 2005 model.

The warranty will be up in July and I’d like to get the issues addressed if I can convince my dealership that there are problems worth their time.

I can’t help with either of those 2 problems, but my guess is the dealerships are just waiting until your warranty runs out, THEN they will miraculously discover an easy BUT expensive fix.

i think you can write (as evidenced here) so now write to the local regional manager. sorry i don’t know what their title is.

this sounds like a good reason to take it to an independent mechanic. at least an honest disinterested (as far as warranty issues are concerned) opinion could be useful.

it sounds like RR may have a really good idea about the warranty ‘fix’ being ‘found’ just after yours runs out!

but if you take it to your own mechanic it will be on your dime. but, then you could take that info to the dealership to help prod them into action.

they may very well have a point on the first one, however i can tell you if you brought a vehicle into our shop that was still under warranty and we couldnt duplicate the concern(happens more than you may think,intermittent problems) we will make a ticket on the vehicle at that time so that if and when the problem decides to show itself, even after the warranty has expired it is documented that you had a concern about that particular issue before it had expired and can be covered.

dealer techs do not prod too easy(food for thought)

Good point. Now if only ALL dealerships would follow suit. (May I also add: all other types of manufacturers too)

IMHO, the ones who are properly trained (not only in tech repairs, but customer satisfaction) are the ones that uphold the integrity of the dealership.

This after warranty concern is extremely relevant when a tranny acts up intermittently or an engine burns too much oil a few hundred miles short of warranty’s end.

Of course in reality, there should be a limitation on any extension.

ALL repair orders are in the sys,but if the prob does not occur ,when we get the vehicle,its always noted,and will be covered under warranty.even when the waranty runs out,so document and save all complaints.