2017 Dodge Caravan - Electronics gone wild

dials go crazy electric failure no communication with computer, car only goes so far when the panel goes crazy then car stops won’t start again. Dangerous to drive this vehicle. Replaced fuse box same problem.

I’m guessing that’s the problem to start on. guessing it is some sort of intra-car computer bus problem. It’s sort of like if your home computer is connected to the other computer gadgets (printer, scanner, fax, other computers, etc), all with the same cable going from one to another. Think of the ways that could stop working: Connector comes loose, wire breaks inside cable, wires inside cable short out, oxidation on connector pins, etc. By following the bus cable around the car, isolating the bus into manageable segments, might be able to spot the problem. Could be something as simple as a loose electrical connector.

Could be a tough one to solve for a diy’er tho. If 1/2 hour effort doesn’t yield a diy’er solution, best option I’d guess is to hire this diagnostic out to an experienced shop. Definitely possible once this is fixed, it will also fix the other problems.

Maybe the dreaded TIPM problem. This is a computer that controls a number of things. A known failure point on Chrysler products.

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