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Did she definitely die?


This caravan 1996, 3.0 engine. Apparently was running fine although a loud rough noisy lately. All of the sudden started to lose power hardly giving me enough time to deviate to the shoulder and die completely there. Any attempt to started it was in vain. Toughed home a friend did some electrical test and he thinks that the computer is not not sending power to the coil and so to the distributor… I hope I am giving the correct words. Is there any other thing I can look for?

Thanks and my best regards to you all.

Is this the same Dodge Caravan whose oil becomes “burnt” after a very short period of time?
If so, then it is very likely that there are some serious mechanical issues going on.

Your friend could be correct about a computer problem, but to be perfectly honest with you, the possibilities are almost endless with 14 year old vehicle with an unknown maintenance history and possible underlying mechanical problems.

You need a mechanic with very good diagnostic skills, and that may or may not include your friend.