2014 Dodge Grand Caravan - Electronics went nuts

All warnings lights came on, wipers will not turn off, washer will not squirt, no signals, an alarm of some kind sort of hisses. “No BUS warning comes up. Windshield wipers start running, AC, heater, speedometer, blinkers, hazards, radio all quit working. Automatic side doors, and rear hatch will not operate. Windows will not go down.”
I didnt check all of these issues but my problems were similar problem on my 2014. Any follow up on this?
99250 m.

I expect that’s the problem. Cars these days are rolling computers. Many computers in the same car. All the computers in the car are connected together by a bus (wiring harness & connectors), and that’s how they talk to each other. If they can’t talk, the car won’t work correctly. You’ll need someone with expertise on bus wiring. Likely to be a simple problem to repair, but may be quite complicated to determine where it is located.

Problems w/computers talking with each other reminds me of my recent attempt to repair my tv remote control. A remote control is a computer that talks (via a light beam) to another computer inside the tv. Button’s electrical contacts just needed a cleaning. Upon re-assembly however, every time I pressed the “3” button, the tv would increase the “hue” setting … eventually the “hue” was set all the way to the extreme, and all the faces on the screen were green, looked like a bunch of Martians …lol…

You may need to familiarize yourself with Chrysler’s TIPM (totally integrated power module). Google it. It’s likely failed.


Agree with @old_mopar_guy . Sounds like the TIPM is malfunctioning. A reset might be worth a try.

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