2017 Chrysler Pacifica heat-related roof glass popping noise

Has anyone experienced this heat related roof 3 pane glass popping noise on a 2017 Pacifica Limited?

After 3 Warranty attempts to find a resolution to my temperature sensitive rear moon roof popping noise, (it happened ONLY when the outside temperature reached 90+ degrees F), the rear moonroof glass would flex and make a popping noise. I read this thread of BIGJoe 120 at https://www.pacificaforums.com/threads/roof-rattle.2538/#post-19578 Roof rattle and passed it along to my dealer and they ordered the nylon washers for the roof bolts to (I am guessing here) take up space (a void) so the bolts would have something more to tighten against and cushion the glass from flexing when exposed to 90+ degree F temperatures. I have since had the opportunity to have left my 2017 Pacifica Limited parked in direct 90+ degree F sunlight for a couple of hours and have then driven it extensively without hearing ANY popping noises emitting from the rear roof area. I cannot say with 100% certainty that the installation of the nylon washers solved my issue, but I am willing to say I am 99.99% sure that it did and would wager a goodly amount of $$ on that assumption !!
I live in Kansas so my window to schedule an appointment on a day that would have 90+ degree weather to have the dealership be in a position to recreate this scenario was dicey.