2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Rides rough

I have a 2017 Silverado rides rough. I feel every bump. I never had a Chevy truck this bad. I have been buying Chevy for over 25 years. Dealer tells me its normal. I don’t think I will buy another Chevy.

So apparently you did not do a test drive .

I am testing a Ford F-150 this week. Here is how I would describe the ride: “Rides rough. I feel every bump.” If you do switch, Try Ram. I have found that Ram trucks generally have the best ride comfort.

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Did you buy it new or did you just buy it? If you’ve had it for 3 years, did it always ride that way?

Bought it one month ago.

Hmmm, a truck that rides rough, sort of like a truck. Imagine that.


Don’t know if it makes a difference, its the texas edition?

Thanks for your help.

Well , that explains it . You must not live in Texas so you should have purchased the version for your state.


Seems to be a complaint across the board on this generation.the Texas edition comes with the 20" wheels but other then a couple badges there is nothing you couldn’t order otherwise.

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Yeah, what sire tires/wheels do you have?

The Texas edition has 275/55-20 tires. The standard wheels are 17” or 18” rims. The 18s use 265/65-18 tires. The sidewall height for the 20s is 151 mm and for the 18s, it’s 172 mm. That adds up to a difference of about an inch in sidewall height. The shorter sidewall would contribute to the harsh ride. If there’s no difference in brakes, you probably could get 18” rims and get a softer ride. Maybe you should test drive a Silverado with 18” rims before you buy new rims and tires. The total difference in height between the two is only 9 mm, and you probably don’t need to do anything about the speedometer.

Truck is at the dealer right now. It has 18" wheels on it. Now they are telling me they suspect front springs and shocks are bad. It only has 24000 miles on it. They are very far behind in repairs and can’t get to it for two or three days. Seriously I’ve had three other Silverado’s never had one ride this hard. This was a lease that was turned in, so who knows what its been through even through it looks brand new. Good thing is, it still has full warranty. Thanks for your help!

It has 18" tires on it . Its at the dealer now. Waiting to hear what they find. Thanks

My son bought a Dodge Ram 1500 used a number of years ago. The ride was very harsh. It turns out the truck had Load Range E tires on it and someone had pumped them up to the maximum pressure listed on the sidewalls: 85 PSI. Bringing them down to the proper pressure solved the problem.

I looked up the Texas package, and it said the wheels are 20”. I guess someone before you didn’t like the 20s and changed to 18s already. The tires are 265/65-18s? Just checking to make sure the correct OEM tire size is on now.

My kid has had a bunch of trucks. He had a 2014 Sierra that rode poorly. He put new Michelin’s on it and made no difference. Then he put new shocks on it. I think it had some type of selectride setup but I don’t recall. Then he sold it. I think the ashtray was full. He is like that. Quick decisions.