2017 Chevrolet Corvette - Brakes Making Noise

brakes making lots of noice what gives please help still under warrente

Brakes making lots of noise . What gives ? Please help , still under warranty .

There , I fixed it for you . Your under warranty so the only help you need will be found at your dealer.

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Performance car… performance Brembo brakes… noisey brakes. It is what they are. Live with it or sell the car.

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I respect a lot of the advice you give and the opinions you express… But I might submit that if you’re going to harp on everyone’s spelling, you should probably spell things correctly yourself. :wink:


When did anyone start covering wear items like brake or clutches under warranty?


We had pitted rotors on a new car at 13k, the warranty covered brake parts up to 12k, but the dealer under a goodwill gesture replaced them for free. How many miles?

In general the brake pad performance warranty would expire after 12 months/12,000 miles. High performance brake systems are known to be noisy, some manufactures offer an alternative brake pad that is not high performance for those with delicate posteriors.

Perhaps you can direct the OP to your dealer so a three year old car can receive a brake repair for free.

I do not get the delicate posteriors reference, but I am not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Have you tried checking the inside of the rotors and the inside pads?

You’re under warranty…

I fixed it for you.

Edited to add:
Shadowfax beat me to it!

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I, Volvo accept all above criticism and have no hard feelings toward anyone who called me out. I was wrong and made mistakes ( Not the first or last time I am sure ). Actually the posts were almost too polite .


As I like to say…
Those who dare to teach must never cease to learn.


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Never heard that before but I like it tell’s it like it is.

If you’re referring to the squealing that other corvette owners have complained about there is a fix from GM that the dealer can do. More or less the disc quiet that you can buy from parts stores and usually come with new brake pads. Seems to help from what I’m finding out.

Is there some practice the driver does, driving style etc, that causes squeaky brakes? The reason I ask is b/c while I’ve had scraping sounds from brakes before, I’ve never even once heard a brake squeak from any car I’ve ever driven. Even the cars I’ve rented, never heard a brake squeak in any of them either. I do hear cars on the road, in parking lots, with brake squeaks, not denying that. But just curious why it never has happened to my cars.

Probably because you don’t run certain types of “performance” pads. I have some on my MR2 right now that are squealing like a pig. Apparently that particular pad manufacturer took “semi-metallic” to mean “put razor blades in it.”

As soon as I get an hour to spare, they’re getting swapped out with Porterfields.


lol … :wink:

Well semi - metallic does have “metal” right there in the name! Steel wool and brass wool are both used in the brake pad material to clean the rotors of rust and such. More is not always better!

Corvettes have Brembo brake calipers. These are fixed 4 or 6 piston calipers with great big pads. Even the factory “regular” linings tend to be a bit squeaky at some point. Performance pads, as @shadowfax points out squeal. Sometimes they scream like an old dump truck.

I also have Brembo 4 pistons on my Mustang. The “street pads” squeal a bit. My current Hawk “race” pads squeal a bit more and the “street/track” Hawk pads I used before these squealed so bad my wife wouldn’t ride with me. I couldn’t stand them either. You can make them quiet for a little while with brake grease but it always comes back.

So the problem occurs sometimes with brake design and sometimes with pad material and sometimes with abuse. Grease 'em or used the RTV-like brake stuff first to quiet them. If that doesn’t work, change compounds. I like ceramics but they squeal on some calipers. This causes brake companies ALL kinds of headaches! If you haven’t had it happen to you, knock on wood!

I haven’t run Porterfields on the MR2 yet, but I’ve never had a squealing issue on any other car that I had their R4S compound on. But that’s a carbon-kevlar pad.

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watched a video yesterday of a guy pulling the motor/trans/subframe from a mr2. is putting in a v6. he had a hard time. even with a lift. i like utube