2007 Vibe brake noise

We have a 2007 Pontiac Vibe we bought new in February. It has 11000 miles and for the last month it has been making a loud screeching noise from the brakes only when backing up. The noise is getting louder and more frequent, but only when backing up. The brake fluid is full and the brakes seem to be working properly. Any ideas?

And should the dealership fix if there is a problem?

I would have checked by the dealer if it is still under warranty. The brakes could be worn by don’t know why they would only squeal in reverse. If it is not under warranty, take it to a good trusted mechanic, he will be a lot cheaper.

Is the car still under warranty? If so take it to your Pontiac dealer and let them fix it. This is probably a simple repair.

Just a follow-up for anyone concerned - we took it in to the dealer and they said this is common for these vehicles and it should stop by about 20000 miles.

Get their statement in writing!

Whenever a dealership’s service department gives you one of these “they all do that” statements, it behooves you to be VERY skeptical. In almost every instance, statements like that translate to one or more of the following scenarios:

“We have no clue as to what the problem is.”
“We don’t want to deal with this warranty-related issue.”
“We are just trying to get rid of you until the warranty expires.”

…and perhaps a new one along the lines of, “GM is urging us to delay warranty-related repairs until they declare bankruptcy and disavow the warranty.”

Be skeptical, be very skeptical!

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That’s the first thought I had when I read of the dealer’s response. I wonder if you’ll need to wait until 36,000 miles when you go back at 20,000.

The dealership can make an attempt to end the the noise, and that’s all it might be is noise. They have recommended procedures they can follow to help with this issue. While they’re in there, they can make sure it’s just noise that needs fixing.