2017 Buick Cascada - Tire wear

Took car in several rimes due to tire wearing on the right side. Had tire changed 3 times in less than 30;000 miles. They couldn’t find anything wrong with it until warranty was up and now all of a sudden it’s a manufacturer defect. Horrible the way the dealership did us. By the way warranty was up two weeks ago. Death trap

Elevate to corporate as detailed in your owners manual. If the dealership had a service bull item on the defect before the warranty ran out, I would think it would be GMs responsibility.

The dealer’s not off the hook.

You have what’s called an on-going warranty issue.

What this means is, if you bring a vehicle to the dealer for a warranty issue repeated times, and that issue wasn’t resolved under the warranty, but the warranty expires, the dealer is still responsible to do that repair once it’s discovered what was causing the warranty issue.

The dealer’s a slime ball.



Yes, yes, and yes. Dealerships don’t get to run out the clock by pretending the warranty issue isn’t real until 5 minutes after the warranty ends. OP, follow @Tester 's excellent advice and don’t let these jokers rip you off.


Before committing it seems to me more info is needed.

Did you buy this car brand new; as in 3 or 4 miles on it?
Does 30k miles mean the total car mileage or does it mean you have put 30k on whatever mileage it had if it was a used car?
So what is the defect they claim the vehicle has?
Been on the alignment rack? Do you have a printout?

Again theorizing due to lack of information and assuming it’s the right front you are referring to it sounds like an accident is involved; meaning wreck, curb strike, pothole, etc. If so, that is not a warrantable repair.


I’d agree, but assuming OP is not leaving stuff out, this sentence is the sticking point:

If the corner really was damaged in an accident, why didn’t they just say “this corner is damaged. Looks like you hit something. The warranty doesn’t cover that, but pay us and we’ll fix it.”

Instead they are claiming it’s a manufacturer defect only after the warranty period expired. That only makes sense if they either missed the defect all the other times OP brought it in (in which case they’re dumb, but still responsible for honoring the warranty) or they hid their knowledge of the defect until the warranty expired, in which case they’re crooked, but still responsible for honoring the warranty.


I would like to know what the OP considers to be a “manufacturer defect”.

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I think the dealer told him its a manufacturer defect an the warranty is up.

It could be tire wear due to suspension geometry issues. Worn bushings? Less then perfect camber? It has irs so I assume the wheels do move a lot vs a solid axle?

There is a service bulletin that provides part numbers for rear suspension alignment shims to correct camber and caster.

However adjustments (wheel alignment) are only covered by the warranty for 7500 miles, that expired more than 2 weeks ago.

As Nevada noted, there is a service bulletin to correct wear in the inside edge of the rear tire. But that TSB came out 3.5 years ago in Jan 2018.

Was your tire wear on the inside edge of the rear tires?

That TSB can be seen at: