Tyre question

Hi, I have recently bought a brand new chevrolet cruze, I have recently noticed that there is a one tread block missing or (worn off) on the left from tyre, the left from tyre had the same thing. The car is new, and the tyres are spottless except for those 2 pieces of tread blocks missing from the midline.

How serious can this be, do I have to change the tyres? and will the service warranty cover it?

Thank you or your help.

“there is a one tread block missing or (worn off) on the left from tyre, the left from tyre had the same thing.”

I assume that you are trying to tell us that the left FRONT and the right FRONT tires both have damage to the tread.
Is that correct?
If not, please feel free to correct my assumption.

While the tires on a new car are warrantied by the tire manufacturer, you have the right to expect that everything on a new car is perfect when it is delivered, including the tires. However, “recently bought” and “recently noticed” could indicate that some time has elapsed since you purchased the car, and thus, this could indicate that the damage took place after you took delivery. Then again, defective alignment could account for this supposed tire damage.

I strongly suggest that you speak with the service manager at the dealership–NOT with a service writer or service advisor.

Have the service manager look at the tires, and get his opinion.
If you differ with his opinion, then contact GM at the corporate level.
Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Car is under warranty, take it back to the dealership and have them fix it.

Without looking at the damage it is hard to be sure, but this is either damge from unloading the vehicle from the trailer when it was delivered

  • OR -

the damage occurred in the assembly plant when it was put on a dynamometer for testing (braking too hard on a dyno will cause the tire to chunk out)

Either way, GM will cover it at no charge!

I have seen this kind of tire issue before. The thing that convinced the manufacture that it was an issue caused at the plant was the fact that much more than one car reported damage, you need to make your report.

In fact with the cars I was aware of, the damage was found at PDI time.

Thank you very much for such informative comments.
I have spoken to the service manager, will take it in on monday and say what they say. They said since it is a brand new car (2 weeks old) warranty should cover it up.
Cheers for the help guys !

Don’t cover it up!
Have them replace the tires, and then motor on–happily.


You should never have bought a car with two left feel, you should expect clumsy handling.