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Warrantied Corvette Tire Unavailable for Replacement

The Vette was new in November, only 3,000 miles, and picked up a screw and developed a slow leak. Although under warranty, the tire is “too hard to find” and no one seems to be able to replace it! Ideas, anyone, to whom I can appeal?

You can’t plug and patch it?

Call Tire Rack or search

Mr. Obvious, Here. Besides Trying To Locate The Tire Through Chevrolet Or Distributors, Has Anybody Called The Tire’s Manufacturer ? How About The Vette Factory ?


If it’s under warranty and it is too hard to find, then Chevrolet can replace all 4 tires with suitable high performance tires. Tell them that and see how long it takes to find one. Especially if the lazy toads follow CSA’s recipe for success.

Speaking of CSA’s response: There you go, providing a thoughtful, common sense answer again. I was all set to say just what you did (less the distributors) and you beat me to it. I just might mope all night…

Can you post the tire size?

A screw and a slow leak does not automatically lead to a new tire, provided free under warranty. At this level in the automotive pecking order, tires are considered consumable items, like brake pads and wiper blades…

I don’t see where picking up a screw in the tire would be covered under the vehicle manufacturers warrantee. Did you buy a separate road hazard warrantee for the tires? Is the screw in the sidewall?